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Client Testimonials

  • Thanks so much for your persistence and patience with our house sale – we finally moved.

    Wishing you all the best for the future.

    Eve & Robin
  • Many Thanks for your expertise but especially your patience in helping me to sell Park Road

  • Dear Nick

    Just a huge thank you for all what you have done for John and I, we wouldn’t  have done it without

    your help.  Sorry if Ive nagged you at all but there again I am a nagger ask Candi.  If you’re every up

    In Skeggy you will have to pop in.  Once again Thank You very much for all your hard work.

    With Thanks Mary & John
  • Nick & Staff

    Thanks for all the support, help, professionalism and good humour  (and the cups of coffee!)

    Thanks and best wishes Jo & Tim
  • To Everyone at Alternative Estates

    Thank you very much for all your help in selling my house, you stayed with me, gave me no hassle

    and advertised.  Cant thank you enough!

  • To Nick & Staff Alternative Estates

    Just a small token of appreciate from Lilah, Son-in-Law Bill, Daughter Valerie and her Grandson Gary

    For your services regarding Lonscale Drive

    Many Thanks
  • Dear Nick

    Thanks for your help in selling my Sisters home.  We appreciate all you have done for us.  Also

    Thank Carla and All the other girls who have been very kind to us.

    Yours Mary & Bob
  • John Maher & Staff

    Thanking you for all your support over the years

    Best regards Kenton & Carol

    To All at Alternative Estates

    Thank you for dealing with sale of Mums house in Johnson Road.  It took a while but we got there

    In the end thro your efforts

    Best Wishes Mick & Family
  • To All at Alternative

    Thank you for all of your help and support selling our Flat, and for making it as stress free as possible.

    Zoey & Paul
  • Thanks Nick for all your help and support.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

    Bes Wishes Pam
  • TO Carla, Nick & Everyone at Alternative Estates

    Thank you all for your excellent service and diligent attention in the purchase of my Flat :)

    From Vanessa (The New proud owner of Sebastian Close!)
  • Thank you All very much for your help.  We got there in the end.

  • Thank you Nick

    Thank you once again for the professional advice and assistance in dealing with Tenancy agreements.  I’m sure I’ll be calling you again in the future for more help & assistance, so for now

    Good luck for the future and look forward to meeting up with you and your staff again.

  • With grateful thanks for your kind help!  Its much appreciated, Enjoy the Chocs!!

  • Dear Sue, Carla and all the Team at Alternative Estates

    Many thanks for selling Ferndale Road, it’s a great relief to know its finally sold, yours faithfully

  • Thank You So Much

    For all your help and support

  • To Nick & Alternative Estates

    Thanks for helping us buy our first home!  Sorry for all the questions, most certainly recommend you

    To everyone.

    From Darren & Fae
  • Dear Nick

    We would like to thank you for all your helpful advice which guided us throughout the purchase

    of our first family home!  We wish you all the best both professionally and personally.  Thank

    you again for everything!

    Kind regards Georgina & Family
  • To Nick

    We’ve had withdrawal symptoms!  Thank you so much for your advice, patience, humour and time whilst we have bought our first house.  We’ve really appreciated everything you have done for us.

    Sarah & Brian
  • To Nick & Team

    Thank you for your help

  • Dear Annette

    Thank you

  • Joanna & Nick

    Thank you both so very much for all that you have done for me, and the very quick sale of my home

  • Dear Nick

    A long time coming…. Finally completed, all two weeks before Christmas and with Natalies help,

    sorted for New Year.  I am sending you my “grateful” thanks for all the help you gave and in

    pointing us in the right direct (hopefully).  Do hope you had a nice Christmas and wish you and

    The Family a very Happy, Healthy and successful New Year.   Od Bless again and my grateful

    "Thanks" Janet
  • Dear Joanna

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to selling my house.  I really appreciate it.

    Will you also say thanks to Annette & Sue for their work as well.   I feel really relaxed now,

    And can start looking for a house to buy.  (I now know which certificate to ask for Ha Ha)

    A big thanks once again!

    Love Jean
  • Nick, Sue and All Staff

    Thank you all for your help in selling my house – you’re all great

    Cheers Pat
  • To Alternative Estates (especially Annette)

    Thank you for all your help and for dealing with all matters so promptly during my time at

    Chaceley Close

  • Thank You - For all your hard work and encouragement

  • To Joanna

    You’re so kind, Kindest regards

  • Dear Nick

    Thanks so much for all your help, much appreciated.

  • To Nick, Joanna and all at Alternative Estates

    ‘Thank you’ for everything that you have done in organising the sale of Mum’s bungalow in Beaufort Drive.

    Adrian & Denise
  • To Annette

    Thank you for all your help with our new home. I think the boys & I are going to be very happy here.

    Debbie, Thomas & Lewis x
  • To Sue, John and Carla,

    Thank you for your help and for getting ‘results’ !

    Julie and Derek H